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April 1st, 2017 Notice:
I'm going out of station and will not be available till July 31st, 2017. I will not have any internet access during this time.

Note that:
1- Julbul is in the market for about 2 years and till date it is working fine for all of the customers. I regularly update Julbul to meet the latest standards; and all updates are free for lifetime for all customers.

2- Julbul works with all YouTube videos. BUT if it is not working for any of your video(s) then please make sure that:
    • Your video is not marked as PRIVATE or HIDDEN.
    • Your videos do not have any copyright notice from YouTube.
    • You're not using it for Live Streaming videos. YouTube doesn't allow this for Live Streaming videos for security reasons. 
3- 24/7 Customer support service will not be available till July 31st, 2017; so please watch this video to get the answers of most of your questions:

4- If you want a refund; please request a refund via PayPal. BUT I'll appreciate if you wait till July 31st, 2017 and contact me directly via this contact us page; don't worry about the 30 day money back guarantee period - I'll extend it for you.

I appreciate your cooperation in advance.


Got a question about our services? We put our members at the heart of everything we do, and invite you to contact us (All queries will be answered after July 31st, 2017).